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Outsourced Answering Services

Since 1998, CALLCARE has been built on the simple belief that, above all else, human interaction is key to the success of your business.

That’s why we have professionally trained operators waiting to take calls on your behalf around the clock in state-of-the-art UK call centres.

Answering Services

Our 24/7 answering service is an effective call handling solution that ensures your business never misses a call or a lead.

All we need is an understanding of your telephone answering needs along with a few details, and we’ll be able to provide the perfect solution for you.

(822) 217-7973

Emergency Services

In case of an emergency, it's crucial your customers can reach you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our emergency engineer call-out line services ensure there's always someone available to speak to a client, protecting your business' reputation.

(915) 257-6697

Call Centre Services

At times of high call volume, CALLCARE can provide an extension to your existing call centre.

Our overflow call centre services give you flexibility when you need it most, keeping customers happy with exceptional service.

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Live Chat Management

CALLCARE's fully outsourced live chat service reduces basket abandonment to increase online transactions.

This means the second a customer hesitates, a dedicated live chat agent is on hand to help them make a decision and rescue lost sales.

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7 Reasons Why to Use CALLCARE?

  • 24-hour coverage

    Ensure your customers can contact you whenever they need to, 365 days a year

  • Keep costs down

    Save on the cost of hiring and training additional full-time receptionist staff

  • Never miss a lead

    Using API integration we can push leads directly into your CRM system

  • Protect your data

    We’re ICO regulated and GDPR compliant

  • A bespoke service

    Efficient, flexible call answering solutions that are built around the needs of your business

  • FCA regulated

    We can take orders and payments on behalf of your business

  • Regular MIS reports

    Stay up-to-date on service volumes and performance

  • Speak to our specialist

    Request a consultation today call 519-813-4555 916-523-7749

How CALLCARE can help you

  • 24-Hour Service

    We understand that some business hours extend beyond the normal 9-5, which is why our call answering services work around the clock. If you’re working, so are we.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    All our staff are fully trained to handle any query your customers might have with the utmost professionalism, leaving the best possible impression of your business.

  • Improving Efficiency

    Boost your ROI by saving on hiring and training costs while still providing your customers with a high quality service they expect.

How It Works

To get started with our 24/7 telephone answering service, all we need from you is an understanding of your business’ needs along with a few basic details. Once we have this information, setup is incredibly simple. It can be done one of two ways:

1. Direct all inbound calls to CALLCARE: If you choose to use a number we provide, all of your inbound calls will come directly into our call centre first. Our operators will act as receptionists for your company, forwarding calls to your internal team where relevant.

2. Divert calls when you need extra resource: If you would rather use your existing telephone number, we will give you a unique code that gives you full control over the calls for we answer for you. You simply choose the times and days when you would like to divert calls to our expert team.

If you want a basic service, such as taking names, numbers and messages on your behalf, we can set your account up straight away. A more bespoke service can take up to two weeks to implement.

(650) 515-1972
Eyden Locksmith

Telephone Answering Case Study

Eyden Locksmith

“For over a year, CALLCARE has handled our out of hours calls and has done so impeccably. Due to the nature of our business customers often need an emergency call-out and CALLCARE ensure that this can happen, no matter the time. Outsourcing to CALLCARE gives us peace of mind that our customers are being taken care of, even when we can’t answer the phone. The team are always available for any last minute updates and are very attentive to our companies needs. A whole new bespoke system was even put into place to accommodate our specific requirements. A very professional and efficient service, we can see ourselves staying with CALLCARE for a long time.”

Slater and Gordon

Telephone Answering Case Study

Slater and Gordon

“We have worked with CALLCARE for a number of years now and are very satisfied with the approach, processes and professionalism applied to our accounts. Our company, Slater and Gordon, is a leading UK law firm so all our clients we entrust to them, need to receive the same high standard throughout any contact touch points. It needs to be the highest quality, which is what we get with CALLCARE. They are responsible for our out of hours cover and contingency, in times of unexpected volume call. CALLCARE understand the high standards that Slater and Gordon have and are most efficient in delivering well within our strict requirements. I would highly recommend working with them.”


Telephone Answering Case Study

NHS Trafford PCT

“Trafford Stop Smoking Service has used CALLCARE to implement a 24/7 contact centre taking calls coming into the service. This process was made simple by great communication from CALLCARE, a friendly and approachable manner and quick responses to questions.

The centre operators are very professional when answering the calls and any training issues are quickly dealt with. CALLCARE have been a pleasure to work with.”

City University of London
City University of London : Case Study

To find out more about how we helped City University of London prepare for UCAS clearing, download the case study here.

Our Service Brochure

To find out more about how our call centre solutions can work for you, download our service brochure here.


Frequently asked questions

Is CALLCARE FCA regulated?

Yes - we’re one of the few call outsourcing providers in the UK that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can find out more here.

Can you provide a bespoke call answering service for my business?

Yes we can. We pride ourselves on the fact that our solutions are tailor-made to each and every business we work with. Our bespoke solutions integrate with your existing systems via APIs, like your CRM and diary management platforms, to ensure that outsourcing with us is a seamless experience.

What type of businesses do CALLCARE provide answering services to?

Whatever your business, we have the resource, talent and expertise to meet your needs. Types of companies we work with include legal practices, accountants, investment bankers, healthcare practices, pharmaceutical companies, lettings agents, builders and plumbers, software development companies and many more. We have specialist teams to take calls on behalf of companies in specific sectors. That way, your customer calls are always received with the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide an experience that’s the best in your industry.

How will CALLCARE keep my business data safe?

We take all necessary precautions to ensure we can keep your data as safe as possible. We’re ICO regulated and GDPR compliant, conforming with the Data Protection Act of 1998. That means we’ll only use your information for the purposes you specify in accordance with contractual arrangements. You remain in control of your data.

How will I know what calls your operators have taken for me?

We can send you usage reports detailing the calls we’ve answered, call times, waiting times, and how many concurrent calls we’ve taken.

Can CALLCARE take orders and payments on behalf of my business?

Yes we can. Because we’re FCA regulated, we’re able to take payment details safely and securely on behalf of your business and process those orders from our UK call centres. To do so, we just need to integrate with your existing payment systems. Please note that call recordings are not available for this option.

Do I need to install special software or equipment to outsource my telephone answering with CALLCARE?

No special equipment is required - you can get started straight away. We can provide you with a telephone number and take all calls directly on your behalf, or, alternatively, we can give you a unique code to divert calls to us during specific trading periods. It really is that simple!

Can you provide a telephone answering service out of normal business operating hours?

Yes, we can. We can take calls on your calls 24 hours a day, including bank holidays and weekends. Better still, our out-of-hours services are provided at no extra cost to you and they’re still all handled by staff at our UK call centres.

How long does it take to get set up with CALLCARE?

Typically, we can set up your account and start taking calls straight away with a basic account, taking names, numbers and messages on your behalf. Scripted options can take up to two weeks to fully implement, accounting for our thorough testing and refining process.

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